Liquid Limestone and Landscaping

Liquid Limestone is a modern and durable alternative to concrete, paving and bricks and is being used more and more for landscaping in Perth.

Poured liquid limestone paving is a stunning replication of natural limestone replete with the infinite variations found in nature. Limestone is the perfect paving material. With its unique thermal properties limestone ensures that paved areas remain cool enough to walk on throughout the hot summer months making it the perfect choice for pool surrounds and outdoor entertainment areas.

Created with a special blend of crushed limestone and quality additives, our product is poured on site making it a faster and more cost effective alternative to traditional paving methods. Before the limestone hardens it is hand crafted and textured creating a non slip, durable surface with natural appeal, which unlike block paving, is gap free ensuring your paved area remains unaffected by weeds and ant hills.



Residential Landscaping

residential and commercial liquid limestone landscaping

The paving and driveway areas at the front of your house can make or break your investment. Poor materials, bad design and general wear and tear can radically impact the value of your property. Liquid limestone gives you a unique and undoubtedly stylish look to the entrance of your house.

Liquid limestone can also be used to transform your backyard. It’s a very versatile material that looks fantastic, doesn’t fade and requires virtually no maintenance

Patios & Alfrescos

liquid limestone looks great for patio and alfrescos

Your alfresco area is important to your whole family. You want it too look great as well as be functional and let's face it, the alfresco area is one where you will spend most of your time when out in your backyard. Like any other material there are no constraints on what liquid limestone can be used for when designing your outdoor area. Be it split level, stairs, a winding myriad of shapes or a vast flat expansive area which includes your BBQ and meals area then liquid limestone will add that touch of elegance and charm that you may not think is possible.

Pool Surrounds

liquid limestone pool surrounds

Your investment in a pool is a major one so the last thing you want to do is destroy your backyard utopia with a visual nightmare consisting of a mosaic of bricks and pavers, both of which are likely to have weeds sprout each spring.

Sure, you can use concrete and even coloured or patterned concrete - but when it gets hot you won’t be able to stand or sit on it.

One of the most remarkable properties of limestone is that it remains cool to walk on even on the hottest of days.